Save Time for Busy BODs

Help your business office directors spend less time on invoice data entry and more time on what matters.

Fully Coded Invoices, Less Manual Data Entry

Get your BODs out of the data entry business with PredictAP's automated AI-powered invoice capture.

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Reduce Data Entry Time by 50-80%

PredictAP codes invoices automatically during upload, saving you time and eliminating manual data entry.

Get More Done without Adding Headcount

PredictAP can do in seconds what used to take hours each week. Scale what your existing team can do without more hiring.


Spend Less Time on Invoices, More on Your Communities

Reclaim time for what really matters: managing vibrant, safe, caring communities for your residents.

PredictAP takes the manual work out of invoice processing to help your team get more done while freeing up time for higher value work and managing your communities.

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Improve AP Efficiency and Get Bills Paid Faster

Capture and fully code invoices in just seconds to get them approval and payment ready. No need to wait on slow data entry.

PredictAP plugs into your existing Yardi AP automation with Payscan, so you can keep the workflows you already know and trust while saving time at the front end of the AP process.

Focus on community residents

Key Features


The speed of the invoices in the system alone is worth it. We’re providing our communities and the operations team amore timely view of what they’ve spent for their own department and budgeting.
Sally Lein

EVP Finance & Accounting, Anthology Senior Living

PredictAP has given me many hours back in my workday to prioritize responsibilities, and has greatly impacted my productivity levels, as I am no longer manually keying in invoice data.
Sam McGuire

Analyst, Portfolio Accounting, Harrison Street Real Estate

We deal with a large number of invoices spread over 35 assisted living communities. PredictAP reduced time spent on data entry in the first month of use, and that time savings increased as the system "learned" out AP coding.
Leo Jacques

Controller, LCB Senior Living

I think PredictAP is great. There are a few things I can see improved in the future, but my experience so far has been awesome.
Lakin Prouse

Business Office Director, Anthology Senior Living

How Senior Living Operators Leverage AI

Anthology Senior Living Improves AP Throughput & Reduces Manual Work with AI