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Why AP specialists and property managers love PredictAP

Saving time for more meaningful work

“It's so much quicker than entering invoices one by one. Before, it literally took me all day. Now it’s like 10 seconds.”
Bridge Investment Group
Megan Wimbish
Property Administrator
“It's friendly, I love the ease of it. It gets our codes into the fields and you don't have to type anything in—it's doing it for you!”
BrightSpire Capital
Jean Leonard
AP Associate
“PredictAP saves me so much time. It's a couple clicks, and I'm on to the next thing.”
Vantage Data Centers
Eunice Castillo
AP Specialist
“PredictAP reduces the manual work so my small team can be more efficient and effective … and I can focus them on higher value work.”
Vantage Data Centers
Jonathan Walker
Senior Director, Finance
“Our AP team loves the coding speed. It's so much easier for them to upload invoices into the system and have most of the job done already.”
Alek Jonas
Financial Systems Analyst

Why Accounting Leaders Love PredictAP

Massive improvements with your existing team


Why Finance and IT Leaders Love PredictAP

Maximum results with minimum effort

“After implementing two or three ‘AI’ tools, PredictAP has been the most effective right after implementation … without taking a few months to ramp up.”
BrightSpire Capital
Benjamin Miga
VP of Finance
“The time savings was apparent immediately, and I could not have anticipated how much the team would love PredictAP.”
Bridge Investment Group
Katie Elsnab
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Our customers are managing AP at scale, with centralized, distributed, or outsourced teams in every corner of the real estate industry.

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