We've Cracked the Code.

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Fully coded invoices without manual data entry.

Integrated with your AP workflow.
Powered by machine learning.

What is a fully coded invoice?

Most invoice processing solutions capture data exactly as displayed on new invoices. Only PredictAP provides fully coded invoices by using machine learning and historical invoice data.

How We're Different

PredictAP can process in seconds what can take days with other solutions. 

When considering your options, look for direct integration with AP automation, as well as full indexing and coding functionality.

Solution Capabilities PredictAP Indexing Service Providers Vendor Payment Portals OCR Tools Document Processing Services
Invoice ingestion & indexing * * *
API integration with AP automation
Real Estate AP focus
Enhanced error detection
Fully coded invoices

* Tech-enabled outsourced labor solution

Unlike OCR or indexing service providers, PredictAP ingests new invoice data, indexes it into your AP system of record, and applies coding rules automatically.


While other available solutions can deliver various levels of indexing, and some integrate with AP automation, they only capture data displayed on new invoices and do not address coding.

PredictAP is the only complete solution to address both invoice indexing and coding. It's also the only solution to fully automate indexing and coding, and eliminate needless data entry.

Better. Faster. Smarter.


Increased AP Efficiency

Reclaim 50% of the time your team typically spends on manual data entry.


Faster AP Cycles

PredictAP learns how you code invoices, and automates the manual work.


Reduced AP Costs

Eliminate errors, delays, and the resulting late fees.

Enhanced Error Detection

Errors, duplicates, and inconsistencies flagged.

Increased Visibility & Control

Built in invoice queue search, filtering, reporting.

Seamless AP Integration

One-click data sharing with your AP automation system.

Gold-standard Data Security

Reliable, scalable, built on AWS & security best practices.

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