Fully Coded Invoices.
Fully automated.
Optimized for Real Estate AP.


Everything in real estate AP is automated—except invoice coding.

PredictAP replaces manual invoice capture with a smart, automated solution that delivers real results.

Stop wasting time on data entry and fulfill the promise of automated AP workflows.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is PredictAP?

Everything in real estate AP has been automated— except invoice coding. PredictAP automates invoice ingestion, indexing and coding using machine learning. We call this Intelligent Invoice Capture™.

What does PredictAP do?

PredictAP provides fully coded invoices, ready for use with your existing AP automation workflows. It replaces manual data entry with a smart, automated solution that delivers real results.

How does it work?

PredictAP uses machine learning to automate a traditionally manual process. Based on your historical invoice data, PredictAP learns to recognize vendors, service types, legal entities, and any other variables that determine how to code an invoice. Each invoice makes PredictAP faster, smarter, and more accurate.

What are the benefits of using PredictAP?

PredictAP improves invoice processing speed, efficiency, and accuracy, while reducing overall costs. It can save 50% or more of the time typically spent on manual data entry and allow AP teams to focus on more valuable and rewarding work.

Who uses it?

PredictAP is like a magic wand for real estate AP specialists, property managers, and anyone who processes invoices manually. Instead of manual data entry, simply email the invoice into the system for ingestion and coding, and move on to the next one.

Will it work with my existing AP Automation software?

PredictAP works with best-in-class real estate AP automation tools like Yardi Payscan, Nexus, and AvidXchange. It integrates seamlessly into your existing automated workflow through approved APIs.

Will it work without AP automation?

PredictAP automates invoice ingestion and coding. It is a companion to AP automation platforms, and is not designed to be a stand-alone solution. 


Will it replace my AP team?

PredictAP makes AP teams and specialists more efficient and productive. By eliminating the most repetitive and manual part of AP work, it enables small teams to process more invoices and frees up time for more complex and satisfying work.

What else could I use instead?

Other available invoice indexing solutions, such as Yardi Full Service and Nexus Indexing, capture data from an invoice but stop short of fully coding an invoice. PredictAP is the only complete solution to address and automate invoice indexing and coding.

What is machine learning?

Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence focused on improving performance automatically.  It looks at data, recognizes patterns, and gets to the right answer by learning rather than being explicitly programmed.

The biggest advantage of using machine learning is its ability to continuously improve and grow smarter over time.

Is PredictAP hard to learn?

PredictAP simplifies the most frustrating part of invoice capture. It’s easy to use, has a simple and friendly design, and quick to set up. The machine does most of the learning.


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