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AP automation has transformed real estate AP, delivering speed, savings, and efficiency.

But with most companies still using manual data entry for invoice capture, few realize the full benefits of AP automation.

Eliminate the data entry. Keep the workflows you trust. Get more from AP automation by using PredictAP.

Built to Fit Your AP Workflow

PredictAP was designed to enhance the workflows you use every day.

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Your AP Workflow

PredictAP connects to your automated AP workflow, so review and approval happens as usual. Invoice capture gets smarter without disrupting your trusted flow.

Your AP Process

PredictAP learns to code invoices just as your team would. Every prediction is informed by historical data from your invoices for accuracy and consistency.

Your AP Data

Direct integration with your AP automation solution happens via API, sending data back and forth without interruption, learning from each processed and paid invoice.


Fulfilling the Promise of AP Automation 

AP automation is being adopted by real estate companies—but not reaching its full potential. 

What is AP Automation?

AP automation solutions manage the lifecycle of an invoice, from capture, to review, to payment, but most often refers to platforms for AP approval workflows.

Their benefits include:

  • Invoice processing speed
  • Auditing and oversight
  • Accuracy and consistency

Even for businesses that use some AP automation, invoice coding remains a manual part of their process.

Where does PredictAP fit in?

PredictAP bridges the gap between invoice capture and AP automation. Once invoice data is ingested, manual data entry required for coding slows down the whole process.

PredictAP uses machine learning to provide Intelligent Invoice Capture™ capabilities. We bridge the gap between receiving a new invoice and realizing the true power of AP automation. 


The ingestion and coding of invoices. AVAILABLE SOLUTIONS OFFER partially automated ingestion via OCR and outsourced ingestion via offshoring or vendor-initiated payments.
Invoice coding remains a manual in-house process.
Automates both ingestion and coding of invoices for review and payment with the help of machine learning.
PredictAP is the first and only Intelligent Invoice Capture™ solution built specifically for real estate AP.
Designed to follow a consistent pre-defined process of review by the appropriate parties and business entities to approve for payment via automated workflows.
The financial or treasury system of record for payments that interfaces directly with your business banking.

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