PredictAP invoice queue
Fully coded invoice in PredictAP
View vendor history without leaving PredictAP
See suspected duplicates flagged in real time
Update allocations with a single click

Invoice coding without manual data entry

AI-powered for pain-free AP

Centralized Accounts Payable

Grow team capacity without growing the team.

Distributed Accounts Payable

Coding consistency and compliance across teams.

Property Management Teams

Manage properties instead of manually coding invoices.

Centralized Accounts Payable

Scale Team Capacity

Accelerate Coding and Review Cycles

Eliminate needless manual data entry to quickly process high invoice volumes.

Reduce Burden on Senior Accounting Staff

Catch errors and duplicates earlier and minimize downstream revisions.

Improve Results without Disruption

Augment the existing AP workflows and systems you already know and trust.

Unlock More Time for Managing Exceptions

Eliminate slow data entry to allow more time for exception handling and resolution.

PredictAP significantly reduces the manual work, so my small team can be more efficient and effective, and I can focus them on higher value work.”

Jonathan W.

Senior Director, Finance

Distributed Accounts Payable

Improve Coding Compliance


PredictAP helps us capture and preserve the ‘tribal knowledge’ around invoice coding, so it's living in our systems instead of someone's memory.”

Marcos M.

VP of Technology

Improve Compliance Across Divisions

Establish a single source of truth for coding, regardless of team and location.

Process More Invoices, Less Paper

Email invoices into PredictAP and code from anywhere, without a printer or scanner.

Centralize & Retain Institutional Knowledge

Decouple coding expertise from individual staff to improve efficiency de-risk turnover.

Ramp Results and New Hires Quickly

Get fast results with minimal effort and training that takes only minutes.

Property Management & Back Office Teams

Reclaim Valuable Time


Focus on Property Management

Spend less time at your desk and more time maintaining and improving your properties.

Prioritize Lease Renewal Drivers

Cultivate tenant relationships and community building instead of coding invoices.

Manage User Property Security

Gain a unified view while restricting invoice and AP data access by property.

Allocate Costs More Effectively

Realize the benefits of a system that learns—and won't forget—every pattern and detail.

They have a million things to manage, and every hour spent on invoice coding is an hour they can’t spend on building maintenance and building relationships with their tenants, which directly impacts lease renewals”

Brittany White

Accounting Manager

Additional Use Cases

Beyond Invoice Coding

PredictAP is more than an invoice coding solution. By addressing the biggest blockers of efficiency and improvement, you can finally prioritize the big-picture business objectives your CEO and CFO care about.

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