Invoice Capture
for Real Estate AP

Automated invoice ingestion and coding, powered by machine learning.


Real Estate Focused. Real AP Automation.

Everything in real estate AP is automated—except invoice coding.

PredictAP replaces manual invoice capture with a smart, automated solution that delivers real results.

Stop wasting time on data entry and fulfill the promise of automated AP workflows.

Increased AP Efficiency

Grow your team’s output, without growing your team.

The complexity of real estate AP makes teams hard to scale. Onboarding new hires can cost months in lost speed and accuracy.

PredictAP eliminates manual data entry, making your existing team more efficient, scaling their output alongside your business.


Faster AP Cycles

Process a week’s worth of invoices in minutes.

PredictAP learns to code your invoices while ingesting them. Using your invoice history, it learns to predict and assign codes, getting your invoices approval-ready faster.

No data entry. No cheat sheets. No delays.

Reduced AP Costs

Stop paying for data entry and late fees.

Automated ingestion and coding with PredictAP handles thousands of invoices in a day, to get them reviewed, approved, and paid on time. 

Catch errors early. Prevent delays and fraud attempts. And reap early payment discounts.


Manual Coding Is Costly

It's time-consuming pushes errors up the value chain, causing payment delays.

PredictAP automates invoice capture—from ingestion to coding
—and it works with your trusted AP Automation platform. 

PredictAP improves on the usual AP process by automating invoice ingestion and coding


Visit our Integrations page to learn how PredictAP complements your existing AP Automation and workflows.

AP Workflow Integration

Integrated with the best AP Automation solutions trusted by the real estate industry.

Yardi PayScan

News & Resources

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PredictAP Closes Preferred Seed Funding

PredictAP raised $3.4m in funding from real estate investment veterans to grow the team and bring the platform to market in 2021.

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PredictAP Expands Executive Team

Chris Antenesse, Greg Achenbach, and David Bedard will join the executive team, leading engineering, product, and client success, respectively.

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