We've Cracked the Code.


Intelligent Invoice Capture™ built for your AP automation and payment solutions.

Welcome to true AP automation.

Millions of Invoices.
Manual Processing.

The real estate industry processes hundreds of millions of invoices each year.

Even with AP Automation, most still use manual data entry for invoice capture.

We're here to change that.

Where Other Invoice Capture Solutions Fall Short

Most invoice capture solutions can’t deliver what they promise.

While they partly automate or delegate invoice ingestion, your team still gets stuck with the invoice coding—and complexity.

PredictAP and Your Workflows

Finally, unlock the full potential of your AP automation tools.

Simple Process Figure LG No Loop

Better. Faster. Smarter.


Increased AP Efficiency

Get your team out of the data entry business and into higher-value work.


Faster AP Cycles

PredictAP learns how you code invoices, and automates the manual work.


Reduced AP Costs

Eliminate errors, delays, and the resulting late fees.

More Than Invoice Capture

Error Detection & Fraud Prevention

Catch inaccuracies and fraud attempts before they escalate or cause real harm.

Increased Visibility & Control

Get unprecedented transparency and control over AP with audit trails and reporting.

Seamless AP Integration

API integration with your AP Automation solution streamlines set up and data sharing.

Gold-standard Data Security

Cloud-first and built on AWS, it’s fast, reliable, stable, and designed with your data security in mind.

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Learn how PredictAP helps real estate AP teams make invoice processing smarter, faster, and more efficient.


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